Natural Farming

Natural Farming is a method in which the crops are naturally grown without using any of the life threatening chemicals.

In Hello Earth, we follow the Subhash Palekar Natural Farming (SPNF) which is one of the holistic method of Natural Farming. Here our farmers neither use toxic nor persistent pesticides, fertilizers or any other hazardous chemicals which are known to contaminate soil, air, water and the food. The principal methods include crop rotation, green manures, compost, biological pest control and mechanical cultivation.

• The four wheels of SPNF are Beejamrutha, Jeevamrutha, Mulching and Waaphasa
• Beejamrutha is a natural way of seed treatment using Desi cow urine and dung
• Jeevamrutha is made using water, Desi cow dung, Desi cow urine, jaggery, dal flour and soil
• Waaphasa is the aeration of the soil
• Intercropping or Crop rotation is an important feature of SPNF
• Practising composting on the farm itself, so that soil organic matter increases
• Insects and pests are managed by using Neemastra (neem leaves, neem pulp and green chillies)
• Storing water in the farm ponds for the use in adverse conditions

• The Natural food products will –
– Be free from cancer causing chemicals
– Have a Better nutrition and are rich in antioxidants
– Be Better in taste
• Reduces the Health risks
• Promotes regenerative agriculture, improve soil biodiversity and productivity
• Creates Sustainable Environment and promotes a better planet for our children
• Prevents Water contamination
• Better lives for the Farmers as the production cost is less and involvement of middlemen is eliminated
• Using Natural farming techniques one can convert even the most infertile land into a fertile one